Company History

Year 1993

Embroidery Notion business with brother Knitting Machines & Office Automation in 1993.

Year 2000

In Year 2000 EMBROIDERY NOTION started Computerized Embroidery Machine Sales

Year 2004

In 2004 Embroidery Notion Stared India’s “1st’’ Computerized Embroidery Training Academy

Year 2007

Up to “2007” Embroidery Notion became Biggest Importer in “ India” Of Computerized “Embroidery Machines

About Embroidery Notion

Embroidery Notion : a privately owned company, is the India’s largest home and commercial embroidery/sewing machines importer/marketing with over 1000 instalation base in a country. Since we began in 2000, we have become the nation’s leader in the full-service, embroidery and promotional products industry.

Our mission at Embroidery Notion is to continuously be a force for positive direction in the embroidery industry, and to inspire and guide others to succeed as independently owned franchises.

We will conscientiously seek to maintain closeness with our franchise owners and employees, and continue to grow through evaluating and adapting new technologies in our industry.

We pledge ourselves to being a caring and honest franchisor to those around us and to our community, and we commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life.

We aspire to be the finest franchise company in the world. We introduce ourselves as prime sales and service organization in computerized embroidery and sewing machines.

Mr. Sharad JadhavMr. Sharad Jadhav

Team Enotion

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How strongly Believes that we are in service industry!


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